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Labor Relations and Employment Law in the Public Sector

The stars have aligned for the perfect fiscal storm: There is no sound funding strategy for union salary and benefit increases. Simply stated, the wage and benefit gap to your municipality’s ability to fund is widening. Pension and retirement plan liability is increasing. Health insurance costs are rising by double-digit amounts. Payroll continues to compound while revenues are restricted and resources are dwindling. These challenges demand diligent attention and effective legal representation.

While it is easier said than done, the collective bargaining process provides the best opportunity to restore salary and benefit levels to an amount commensurate with your municipality’s ability to pay. Imagine the cost impact of saving 1% of the wage and benefit line items in your budget. To be effective in today’s public sector workforce, labor counsel must possess a high degree of hands-on experience and the vision and confidence to define an uncommon approach to today’s challenges. That is exactly what you will get if you retain Foley & Foley, PC.

Labor Relations and
Employment Law in the Public Sector

Here are some examples of our experience and accomplishments representing public sector employers during the past two decades:

In addition to our labor relations and employment litigation practice, we can act as your advocate at any stage of the construction process. With over thirty-five years combined experience, our litigation attorneys have the knowledge schools and towns need when faced with a construction-related dispute or issue. Our attorneys frequently represent parties involved in construction-related disputes, including water and other property damage claims, contract disputes, environmental claims, insurance coverage disputes, construction and design defect claims, bond and lien issues, labor issues, worker injury claims, and numerous other claims that frequently arise with the new construction and renovations.

We look forward to introducing our firm to you and discussing our approach to public sector labor relations.