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Contract Risk Management Audit

The problem with landmines is that you often don’t know they are there until it is too late. However, if you have a map of the mine field, you can navigate your way around the danger.

Unforeseen risks and liability in a contract can explode a budget and even a business. A Contract Risk Management Audit by the attorneys at Foley & Foley, PC will give your company a clear understanding of the risks, so your company can make informed decisions about important transactions.

Countless aspects of a business involve contracts - construction contracts, subcontractor agreements, purchase & sale agreements, leases, vendor agreements (IT, payroll, office equipment and supplies, marketing, professional services), purchase orders, employment contracts, separation agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, insurance contracts, etc. Given the range of business interests and matters that are covered by contracts, it is incumbent upon the owners or the managers of a business to understand the risks associated with each contract and to institute reasonable and prudent measures to mitigate the company’s exposure.

Through this audit service, a knowledgeable attorney from Foley & Foley will identify all issues in any business related contract that could negatively impact the client’s business. The attorney will then alert the client to those issues and discuss possible methods of mitigation of the risk. Our mission is to give the client more power over the terms and risks that impact success and control profits. As they say, knowledge is power. That sentiment is never more accurate than in the field of contracts.

Foley & Foley, PC will provide the entire scope of this Contract Risk Management Audit service for a fixed fee.